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Christmas Menu banner at Domaine de Manville

Christmas Menu

Beet greens, smoked fish eggs, elderberry vinegar and almonds

Mushroom tarts, baker’s yeast, tonka, seaweed

Pigeon pie, juniper berries and anise jelly

Cooked and raw kohlrabi, pomegranate molasses, arugula, walnuts and mushroom oil

Smoked monkfish and garden leek cooked in a dreg crust

Diving scallops, cooked in butter, lemon, buckwheat and pine nuts

Scallop cream tartlet, osetra caviar and lamb’s lettuce salad

Grilled Alpilles chicken, mushrooms, clams and fermented figs

Kiwi, parsley and childhood cookie

Apple, Chartreuse, muesli and celery

Madeleine, olive oil and lemon

Grand cru chocolate and sorrel

Download the Christmas Menu!

180€ par personne

Unique menu on Saturday the 24th of December for dinner