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Learn to play or improve your game at the manville golf course

During a stay in our 5-star hotel, enjoy golf lessons offered by Stéphane MOURGUE, Domaine de Manville's head coach, and his team of professionals: Damien GEMAR and Anthony TRON. His expertise comes from 25 years of teaching including 10 years coaching professional players, and is at your service. His experience working with professional golfers has honed his vision of the swing and enables him to share his simple, efficient approach. Stéphane Mourgue’s specialisation in mental preparation gives him very relevant, special expertise which he places at the service of golfers.

Our teaching focuses on enhancing your qualities.

We listen and observe your physical and mental preferences and adapt our coaching to improve your strong points and optimise your potential during the golf lessons. Our teaching is built on our analysis of your swing which is carefully studied using the latest technologies. The strategy and the mental approach are assessed through coaching on the course to build your confidence.

With our teaching, you increase your awareness of your own golf skills and social skills, to get the most out of your golf holiday in Provence!

Why not make the most of some lessons to improve your technique and optimize your game, or the chance to learn to play, at the Domaine de Manville golf course.  


Because your short game accounts for 60% of your performance on a golf course, our driving range is there to help you develop the quality of your shots within 90 meters of the hole.
• 15 stands on synthetic turf are at your disposal. Play 6 greens located at distances between 23 and 92 meters.
• There is an 800-m² space dedicated to the short game, chip shots and putting green
The peaceful and quiet atmosphere at our academy is highly conducive to quality work.
Our instructors have excellent tools at their disposal for coaching, teaching and practicing golf. Indispensable leading-edge digital tools allow for exciting progress for every golfer.
A Revolutionary Teaching Studio
- The Swing Player terminal automatically films your swing and plays it back instantaneously, with no intervention from the player.
- TrackMan analyses the trajectory and distance of your ball, and the position of your club at impact.
- The pressure plate calculates weight transfer distribution in perfect synchronisation with the video of the swing.