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Fountain by outdoor dining area, l'Aupiho, Domaine de Manville
Dining table arrangement in l'Aupiho at Domaine de Manville

Restaurant l'Aupiho ✽

The starred table

L’Aupiho, little Alpes in Provençal, is of fruits from the earth that elate. L’Aupiho attains new heights and proposes a delicate and sensible cuisine.

The table, starred by the Michelin Guide 4 years ago, offers a journey to the heart of the unique universe of its chef, Lieven van Aken, made of natural treasures cultivated on site and of deviations in Flanders. A daring and successful back and forth from which one does not exit untouched! Frédéric Néchaouni, head pastry maker, takes over skillfully for an unforgettable gourmet adventure.

In our enchanting vegetable garden, our Michelin-starred chef finds his delight, selecting the most flavorful vegetables to compose divine and delicious dishes. Each bite is a symphony, revealing the richness of the earth and sky, an ode to nature, a poetry that the palate and mind savor with zeal.

from 60€ per person at lunch

Excellence in craftsmanship

A mastery of excellence In a kitchen, a passionate chef creates exceptional dishes with finesse and quality. He skillfully handles ingredients to offer savory and refined dishes. Fresh produce, aromatic herbs, rare spices, delicate meats - everything is chosen carefully to enhance the dishes and offer guests an unforgettable gastronomic experience. In a world where everything is industrialized, homemade gastronomy is a breath of fresh air, a tribute to artisanal and authentic cuisine, and a reminder that gastronomy is an art to be practiced.

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Opening Hours

Open for lunch and dinner from Thursday to Monday
From 07/14 to 08/18: open on Wednesday too